Studentencup Wageningen


W.S.W.V. Hellingproof heeft naar aanleiding van hun studentencup (12 september jongstleden) ons een verslag gestuurd. Deze delen we hier graag met jullie! Wanneer andere organiserende verenigingen in de toekomst ook een verslag hebben van hun studentencup of NSK zien wij die graag verschijnen!

Studentencup Wageningen

On Saturday 12 September Hellingproof organized their yearly studentencup race on the circuit in Veenendaal. Due to the lack of races in the last periods, we welcomed a record amount of nearly 180 students spread over the day. The planning of the day was changed to make sure the Covid measurement were met. We made extra time between the races to lower the total amount of people on the terrain. Although meeting the new rules took some brain breakers, it was a successful day with nice races.

This year we had four categories. First the men’s without licence category started. The big peloton of riders made an exciting race with some attacks and breakaways. Some  Hellingprofs managed to go into the attack, like the one and only Alger. Others, like our Hellingprof Roeland, thought it was not a bike race but a sliding contest without green soap. However Roeland’s sliding distance and technique was impressive, he had to abandon the race.  At the end, quite a big group of riders were still in winning position. Hellingprofs Max (4th) and Bart (5th) were still in a good position, but where overruled by three other riders. Jip van Montfort of WTOS Delft finished 3rd, Hidde Merton of Mercurius Nijmegen became 2nd and his team mate Robbin Zwaan won the race.

Men without licence podium

The next race was the women’s race. The peloton of 33 riders started fast in the beginning, and several attacks were made. One group made the right breakaway, and they stayed in front of the peloton until the end. The “brake” was put on in the peloton by the Mercurius ladies, and the group was gone. The riders in front made it to a sprint of a small group. Anna van Wersch from Maastricht won with a powerful sprint, ahead of Manon Gremmen of Mercurius Nijmegen and Rixt Hoogland of Klein verzet Enschede.

The women’s podium

The second women’s race of the day was the entry race for women’s. This initiative was made to introduce women to cycling racing, and to give them the chance to try out racing in a comfortable way. Hellingproof sponsor Pieter ten Kortenaar was the “hare” on front of the peloton, and increased the pace slowly every few rounds. After this neutralisation, the last few rounds where an open race to experience the race feeling. The bunch became a lint quickly, and the sprint of the thinned out peloton was won by Henriëtte Eijking of Squadra Eindhoven ahead of Karlijn van Weele and Vera Tieleman of Mercurius Nijmegen. Unfortunately there was also a heavy crash in the last corner of the race in which three riders got injured seriously. Thankfully the first aid people came quickly to help them. Although one of them had to go to the hospital, they were all relatively fine a few days later, despite the bruises. Hopefully they all recover well.

The podium of the women’s entry race

The last race of the Studentencup was the Men’s with licence category. These fast boys made it into a hard race. It was funny to observe that participants in this race were still eating bananas and bread, while attaching their race number five minutes before the start. In contrast, all other categories where more nervous and in time. Nevertheless, the self-claimed fast guys all started with some rounds of 50 km/hour, and it was hard to make a break. At the end a select peloton sprinted for the win. Arnoud Kempenaar ended up with his hands in the air before Jordan Habets and Bauke Gerritsma. 

Big boys get big flowers